About Us


Who We Are

Intellectual abilities and hard skills are essential for success but these without good manners, appropriate appearance and the right social and professional skills leave much to be desired. Despite the importance of these skills, they are hardly taught in the traditional school curriculum.

The Image Refinery has noticed the need for such trainings in our society and the corporate world and seeks to provide solutions to these needs. Using international image branding strategies, we are fully focused on providing comprehensive image branding solutions and soft skills training for individuals and companies.

Who Needs To Know

Our target market includes the business executives, media personalities, politicians, public figures, university graduates and those individuals who care about and place value on their appearance and mannerism.

These target groups are role models in society. Most of them deal with people directly in their course of business and for that matter the right attitude and appropriate appearance is necessary for them to create a good image for themselves and their companies or brands. The young graduates also need such trainings to enhance their chances of succeeding in the business world and society in general.

Reasons why you should choose The Image Refinery

We give the best.

We build a lifetime relationship with our clients.

We are fully focused on providing the unique needs of our clients.

With the kind of services we provide, our prices are simply unbeatable.

We constantly up-date our clients with new courses that are relevant to them.

We satisfy our clients with the best quality and international standard services.

All our courses and consultation services are designed and regularly up-dated to meet the current trend.

With our corporate training and image grooming consultations, we leave no stone unturned by providing our clients with every skill and knowledge they need to succeed in their homes, offices and in society.

We offer a face -to -face facts finding consultation in an event where the client is challenged with selecting the appropriate training courses to meet a need. After assessing your goals and objectives, we customize a training program to meet your objectives.